How to Run Multiple Accounts on All Android Applications

The same way it’s difficult to comprehend why people marry more than two wives, it’s the same way you keep wondering why people always want to run more than two account on any social media.

Not just running more than one account on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp but ability to log in to all the account at the same time without needing to log out of one before login in the other.

Even your mobile device supports dual sim that is why this application you are about to read about allow you run more than one account on your favorite social network.

Parallel Space is a unique app which allows you to sign in two different Facebook accounts simultaneously on a single Android device.

Why Should I Try Parallel Space Multi Account?

Parallel Space is the only app in Google Play which allows you to run multiple accounts simultaneously

¶ Powerful yet tiny: As small as 2MB.

¶ Facebook: Connect different friends with second Facebook account

¶ Instagram: Share different photos with second Instagram account

¶ Games: Play two accounts at the same time and double up the fun!

¶ Parallel Space supports 99%+ apps in Google Play, explore it by yourself now!

Not just that but you can also run more than two WhatsApp using this application on one Android smartphone.

Where can I Download it?

Download it from Google playstore here and Run it

add any app you have installed on your phone to its dashboard. It will ask you to configure a new account for these apps.

Disadvantage of the Application ?

You all know that nothing good come easy, so when you heard of the application and you see it as a very nice one, then the next thing that suppose to strike your mind is the downside of the app.

If you are that type that have feeble, infected, defected and quarter to go battery capacity, then this app will help you drain it faster than your widest imagination.

Remember, if is not double, then is not Android.

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