2019 WAEC Agric Science Answer & Question




Goat weed|Ageratum conyzoides|Wind
Siam weed|Chromolaena odorata|Wind
Waterleaf|Talinum triangulare|Animal

(2bi) Physical factor
– Erosion
– Slope
– Temperature

(2bii) Economical factors
– Insufficient fund to acquire land
– Land tenure system
– Land use and reformation

– It leads to unpleasant odours
– It renders pond water undrinkable
– It leads to suffocation of aquatic animals such as fish
– It leads to eutrophication

-Sewage should be properly treated before discharge into pond
-Avoid indiscriminate sewage disposal on water body
-Sanction should be placed on use of chemical for fishing
-There should be regulations in the use of chemical fertilizer on the farm


CROPS | Classification base of life Cycle

Mango |Perennial
Rice |Annual
Cotton |Perennial
Pepper |Annual
Soya bean|Annual
Oil palm |Perennial
Yam |Annual
Tomato |Ephemeras
Rubber |Perennial
Ginger |Annual
Cocoa |Perennial
Cowpea |Annual
Carrot |Biennial

Soil Component | Percentage volume
(i) soil water | 25%
(ii) Organic matter | 5%
(iii)Inorganic mater| 45%
(iv) Soil air | 25%

[Pick Any THREE]
(i) Ring method
(ii) Foliar method
(iii) Broadcasting method
(iv) Row Application
(v) Band Placement


Spacing is the distance between the plant stands in order to allow proper ventilation within plant farm while Thinning refers to as the removal of excess plants or weak plants to allow the healthy one to germinate

Elaeis guineensis

(Pick two)

By seeds

Deep loamy soil rich in organic matter

9m × 9m

(Pick two)
(i)Anthracnose disease
(ii)Freckle disease
(iii)Blast disease
(iv)Galadima disease

[Pick Any SIX]
(i) It helps to create job opportunity
(ii) It is a good source of income
(iii) It is used for tourism and recreation
(iv) It is used for research purposes
(v) For conservation of wildlife
(vi) Forest serves as a buffer in natural disasters like flood and rainfalls
(vii) Protecting watersheds and reducing or slowing the amount of erosion and chemicals that reach waterways

Apiculture is the practice of keeping bees as well as the manufacturing of honey and beeswax.

Flushing is a management term for providing high quality feeds, usually grains prior to the start of the breeding to increase reproductive performance.

Castration is defined as the destruction or removal of the testes, epididymis, and a part of spermatic cord from a male animal e.g. ram, buck, bull.

Culling is the process of separating animals based on some specific traits or characteristics to bring out those with better productivities.

-it increase animal resistance to disease
-it improve the animals yield

-it increase the strength of animals
-it weakness the size and weight of animals

-it prevent spread of disease
-it reduces lost of productions

-for measuring angular distances
-for making angles

-for measuring distances
-for measuring size of land.

Floriculture is the Branch of agriculture which deals with production of ornamental plants like flowers while agriculture deals with production of fish and other aquatic animals.

(i) Useful life = 2009 – 2000 = 9 years

(ii) salvage value = D3000.00

(iii) Total depreciation = D12,000 – D3,000 = D9000.00

(iV) Annual depreciation = total depreciation/useful life = D9,000/9 = D1000.00

A demand schedule is a table which shows the different quantities of a commodity which consumers are willing to buy at various prices at a particular time.

Supply curve is a graphical representation of the correlation between the cost of a good or service and the quantity supplied for a given period.

(i) Agricultural Development Programme (ADP)
(ii) Farm settlement scheme
(iii) Agro-service centres
(iv) Research institutes

(i) Nitrogen fixing bacteria
(ii) Mulching
(iii) Decay organic matters
(iv) Through nitrosomonas



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