2018 Jamb Answer and Question

2018 Jamb Answer and Question (ASSISTANCE

2018 Jamb Answer and Question

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2018 Jamb Answer and Question

Computer Based Test.
Computer Based Test (CBT) is a modern testing procedure where
each examinee answers their question directly on a computer.
It’s a bit different from the traditional way of testing where
individuals will have to answer their questions using a paper
and a pencil or pen.
Computer Based Testing requires the examinee to have a grab on
basic computer knowledge, which involves appreciation of common
computer desktop icons, basic mouse use, as well as understanding
important navigation.

Apart from writing the exams on a computer, the arrangement of
the exams with respect to timing and level of precision also
differs with the conventional paper and pencil based testing
We are trying to paint the picture that based portray the
pattern of computer based test to enable prospective
candidates,notably first timers, to get the basic features
of the computer based examination scenario.

Features of Computer Based Test
(1) One-Student-One-Computer:
This testing system is based on one person per computer
system at a particular time. As always expected of a good
student, you are advised to enter the examination hall only
with the approved examination materials.

The candidate will sit close to the computer system,
maybe a laptop computer or a desktop computer.

2018 Jamb Answer and Question

The candidate will face the computer screen awaiting
the invigilators command “START”. Some Exams like the ones mostly administered by PEARSON are strictly on computer based while some others may
be dual, i.e both computer and paper.

In the latter, the students or examinee is given examination
question paper and they will be required to answer their
questions on the computer unlike the former, the students or
the examinee are not given any question paper.

Here the questions are on the computer screen while the
examinee chooses their seemingly correct answers by
click the radio button

(2) Computer Based Test Desktop, How does it look like? All computer desktops contain icons for simple
computer user interaction with the computer system.
It uses the WYSIWYG theory.That means what
you see is what you get. Depending on the type of test, the
computer screen might be preset to the START page where the
examinee will just have to fill in their personal details which
is sometimes part of the exams itself.

No matter what exams it is, the basic
icons that will be found in the screen
will not be very far from what I will
explain below in point number three.

(3) What are the notable desktop icons
for Computer Based Test (CBT)?

(a) The START Button: the time that
every exam commences is the START period and the time that the exam ends
is the STOP button. Examinees should
be very watchful of this button as it the paramount of all.

(b)Time and Progress: Immediately when you click start, the clock timer begins to count, which indicates
the progress of the exams. This
also indicates the time that
is remaining for the exams. At any point
of the exams, at least you should be able
to see how much time remaining for you.

(c)Question Counter:
just like the time counter, there is also questions timer.
This indicates how many questions you have answered and how
many you have not Answered.

So you will not likely be in a loop while writing computer
based test,For instance you are writing a 40 question exams
and you are on the eleventh question, the question timer will
indicate something like “question 11 of 40.Meaning that you still have 29 questions
unanswered. Simple maths isn’t it?

(d) Test Navigations: This feature of a computer based test is as important as
the test itself and they are always available on the
test screen through out the test session. Notable of
the navigations are (1) “NEXT” which goes to the next question when clicked,
clicking next moves you the next screen (2) “PREVIOUS”, this gives the examinee
the opportunity to go back to earlier answered question,
she they changed their mind towards the ostensibly correct
answer. Clicking PREVIOUS moves you back one screen,

(3)“SUBMIT” this is the most important of all the buttons, because there is nothing
as bad as writing a test without submitting it.
You will not have your score if you did not submit
your test. Clicking submit button submits the
test or exams and sometimes closes the exam window.
This at times marks the STOP of the exams.

(e) The Scroll Bar: Some test may not fit on the screen. For these questions,
a scroll bar will appear. To reveal the rest
of the questions, either you use the mouse to
click drag the scroll bar or click on the arrows
on either end of the scroll bar.

How Do You Choose the Correct Answers?

Most times, the questions in computer based test are in the multichoice
format. This is called multi Choice Question where you will be
required to pick the correct answer(s). For instance something like
this appears on your screen:

Find the slope of the curve y = 2x2 + 5x – 3 at (1,4).
y – 2 + 3y = 10
•A. 4
•B. 7
•C. 6
•D. 9

You select one of the best answers by:
•Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
•Clicking the radio button with a mouse,
•Use the Tab Key to move through the options
and then pressing the space-bar to select an
option. Select the next button to continue.

Hope this write up gives you a brief overview of
the pattern of computer based test. So, as expected,
if you read this article before the test, it means you
have what it takes to succeed in your exams.

The www.ybnlcode.com Teams wish you all the best in any of your exams. Remember to share this article with
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2018 Jamb Answer and Question

Top 3 Question and Answer That Will
Explain better To You How The Runz
Will Be Done With 100% Success!!!

Que.1 CBT is a Computer Based Exam, How will it be possible to send answers?

Que.2 How will you know the question I will be given and the answers?

Que.3 The questions will be different for each person, How will assistance be possible?

Appropriate Answer To The 3 Questions

Here is the most anticipated answer!
There is no other answer beyond the
fact that with serious negotiations &
so much cash involved, we have been
able to contract with a reliable source within the JAMB teams that
uploads the
question on the examination portal.

The untold secret we got is that JAMB
sets series of questions. For example,
in subjects where you are to answer
40 questions, 100 questions
will be set & Sent To All Accredited Center Moderator
to upload The Question To all Their center Computer
database, The Set of Question will be send Everyday
To the various Centers, & The computer rotates
the question Randomly for each candidate.

Hence, the questions to be served to each
candidate cannot totally be the same.

The strategy to be applied by ybnlcode
in assisting candidates is simply that we will be
releasing the questions to be uploaded on the exam
portal as well as answers to our candidate 2 hours
before the Exam start.

A serious candidate is expected to practice these
questions thoroughly and master their answers as we
can not guarantee the specific question you would see.

To avoid leakage, the questions and answers will not be
sent until 2 hours
to the time of your exam. Perhaps, you have limited
time to study it.

We have chosen to apply this principle
to avoid leakage of the questions.

Note: that the questions will not be
posted online like we did for Paper
& pencil test.

Instead, it will be sent to individual
Phone Number direct as text Message.
We strictly advice candidates to keep
the questions confidential as any form
of leakage would lead to Jamb change
Of Strategies and the question.

Note that if the question should get
changed, we will not assist candidates further on CBT. Evidently,
candidates who have not written before the change date will be

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2. Maths

3. Biology

4. Physics

5. Chemistry

6. Literature

7. Government

8. Economics

9. Commerce

10. C.R.K

11. Agric

12. Geography

13. Accounting


(i)4 Subjects:N4,000 Ends 28th February.

(ii) All Subjects Throughout the Exam: N25,000

In order to Subscribe for our Jamb Answers, You have to deposit
the subscription fee of just N4,000 flat
for Four(4) Subjects into Below Account Details:

2018 Jamb Answer and Question


Account Name & NO: CALL 08101802406 FOR IT.


2018 Jamb Answer and Question


Account Name & NO: CALL 08101802406 FOR IT.


2018 Jamb Answer and Question


Account Name & NO: CALL 08101802406 FOR IT.

After the payment,Send Your Depositor Name,
Your Jamb Reg No,Your 4 Subject Your Phone
number & Teller number, Amount Paid & Date
of Payment to: 08101802406

For Further Enquiries, OR Any suggestion, Information,
Advice And Questions. Please contact:

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